Team Managers Duties

Each team at Richmond Basketball Club must have a Team Manager who is usually a parent of one of the Registered Players. The Team Manager acts as the first point of contact for parents and carries out administrative duties on behalf of the team. The Team Manager is generally responsible for off-court team management activities while the Coach is responsible for on-court team management activities.

The club fully supports it’s Team Managers throughout the season and provides a full list of Team Manager duties and required forms prior to the start of the season. The following is a summary of Team Manager duties:

Prior to start of competition season:

  • Send RBC Online Player Registration email to Parents
  • Liase with RBC Training Coordinator to determine Training Venue & Time
  • Notify Parents of HBA Fixture
  • Organise Player and Parent Scorer Roster

During the competition season:

  • Ensure Players write their name and numbers on the back of the Score Sheet at each Saturday game (all Players must sign the back of at least 5 Score Sheets to be eligible to play in the Finals)
  • Send reminder email to parents on a weekly basis of game time and venue
  • Explain scoring to inexperienced Parents (great reference available on website)
  • Inform RBC Training Coordinator when court hire is not required for training
  • Distribute Richmond Basketball Club newsletter to team & remind Parents of information available on the Richmond Basketball Club/ HBA website

End of competition season:

  • If the team makes the finals, ensure Parents/ Players are aware of venue and time
  • Advise Parents/ Players of end of season celebration details
  • Advise RBC Registrar of how many Players will continue playing in following season