New Teams

Richmond Basketball Club welcomes new teams.

All you need is eight interested children, a parent, relative or friend with basketball experience to coach and a parent to manage the team.

If you are interested in setting up a new team, take a look at the club’s Team Formation Recommendations and then register your details on our Expression of Interest page. We will happily assist you get your new team up and playing !

New Teams (with no basketball experience):

If the players in your team have never played basketball before, we recommend they learn some basic basketball skills and rules before becoming Richmond Basketball Club Registered Players and competing in the Hawthorn Basketball Association. Although it’s not essential, with pre-season training, the players will be more prepared.

Unfortunately Richmond Basketball Club does not currently have the resources to run their own development program. However we suggest one of the following options:

1)       Enrol the team in an Aussie Hoops (Collingwood) or Beginner Hoops (Auburn High School) development program run outside the local area. These programs are generally recommended for 5 to 10 year olds.

2)       If you have a parent, relative or friend who feels comfortable teaching the players basic basketball skills and rules, then facilitate your own pre-season training sessions.