How to play man to man defense

Here’s a great clip on Youtube, that teaches players the correct way to play man to man defense. Some people have the idea that playing man to man defense in basketball, means that every player plays defense on an opposing man from the opposition team. This isn’t the case and this video shows the correct way to do it.


July 2013 School Holiday Basketball Camps

The committee has been made aware of the following July 2013 School Holiday Camps that Richmond Basketball Club players may be interested in attending:

1) Melbourne Tigers Junior Basketball Camps(2 day camps for ages 6 to 13)
For more information, click following link – Melbourne Tigers Basketball Camps

2) Atoms Basketball Club Holiday Clinic – ALREADY FULL

3) Titans Hoop-a-holics Basketball Camp (3 days)
For more information, click following link – Hoop-a-holics Basketball Camp.

Man to Man or Zone Defence

Over recent years, coaches have debated the argument of the importance of teaching man to man or zone defences. The fact is both forms of defence have their place.

There is a strong argument that a good zone defence is made up of man to man principles. If players do not understand these principles they will struggle to play effective zone defence. Zone defence is based around defending an area and any player who comes into that area. In man to man defence, players have a responsibility for guarding a particular player and also have responsibilities to help guard the player with the ball. Help responsibilities mean that defenders will be in a different area of the court to where the player is and they must always see the ball and their player.

In a zone defence players are defined as guards, forwards and a centre and may end up playing their whole life in one area. It is expected young players will develop at a faster rate if first introduced and taught man to man principles and fundamentals. The main arguments underlying this include:

– It gives each participant the experience of defending a player in a wide variety of situations.

– It gives each participant the necessary understanding of team defensive concepts to play effectively no matter what type of defence is implemented.

Coaching Support

The Richmond Riots Management Committee have initiated the role of Coaching Director to provide more support to our coaches. The role of Coaching Director is shared by Chris Swenson and Fred Accary. The key focus within this role is to act as mentors and provide support to coaches and their teams if required, with a focus on growing basketball capability amongst the coaches and players. Chris and Fred have the experience and resources to cover items such as fundamentals training for first time players and complex training drills for experienced players. Most importantly they can support coaches with training programs, game day situations or specialised training for individuals or groups of players. Over time both Chris and Fred will be building out a document which outlines coaching philosophies which coaches can use with their teams. Please don’t hesitate to contact either Chris or Fred if you require their assistance (refer to Management Committee page on website for contact details).