Congrats to HBA Winter 2013 MVPs

At the end of each Saturday game, the Hawthorn Basketball Association referees award Most Vaulable Player (MVP) votes in order of 3,2,1 to the players they believe have contributed most significantly to the overall team effort. At the end of the season, the Hawthorn Basketball Association Grade Secretaries collate all the votes and determine the 1st and 2nd place MVP award winners for each division.

At the end of the HBA Winter Season for 2013, four of our Richmond Basketball Club players have been voted 1st & 2nd place MVP award winners. Congratulations to:
–  Joe Martin            – U14 Boys division 6    (2nd MVP)
–  Sophia Shea         – U16 Girls division 7    (1st MVP)
–  Michael Accary     – U16 Boys division 5   (1st MVP)
–  Adam Durbridge   – U16 Boys division 5   (2nd MVP)

Awards will be presented to these players following the grand final for their respective divisions.